(Cairina moschata) with wings outstretched

Isn’t it time for you to fly?

So many people have an idea that they get all fired up about and never do anything with it.  Why?

You will find plenty of people to tell you you should not do it, but it’s time for you to surround yourself with people who tell you you can. Reality is, nothing worth doing is easy.  It took my 3 years to feel comfortable in my business.  That how long it took me to realize I can actually make a living, keep food on the table and the mortgage paid.

I know where you are coming from.  I started my business in the middle of a divorce, I was uprooting my life and the lives of my daughters.  Here’s the thing that kept me going – not once did I make it about the money, I made it about the goal.

My goal was to lead a life that gave me the flexibility to put my girls on the bus and be home to take them off the bus.  I really wanted to be there for them and to be home when they were.  There were days where they’d ask why I couldn’t play with them and those days were very tough.  But I felt good being there, even if I was focusing on work.

So, what’s your idea that will create the life you have envisioned?  Who or what is stopping you from going for it?  Maybe it’s time to get it (them, you, whatever) out of the way.

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