savvy-agent12I know – it’s a dog eat dog world.  Every man / woman for himself.   Especially, it seems, if you are in real estate.  Agents are 1099’s, they technically work for themselves and live off of commissions.  The industry has been designed to create competition even for those agents that work in the same office.

Unless you want to market effectively online.

I’ve been preaching to Broker / Owners for years on why their firm should have one Facebook page and let all the agents in their office be a content admin.  It creates more activity, each agent specializes in their own neighborhood or designation, and has something of value to offer the page.  Each agent also has their own hobbies and interests.  Sharing a plethora of interesting information on a Real Estate page is a win for engagement because it’s a win for your audience.

Let’s look at Pinterest.  Take a board and invite a bunch of agents to post on it collaboratively.  Invite your mortgage broker, insurance specialist, interior designer, moving company and other complementary businesses to post on it as well.  More activity + more variety = more engagement and shares.

Here is another Pinterest Idea:  A collaborative board that focuses on a neighborhood or town.  Invite store owners, school officials, town officials, other businesses to post on the board and you have created a mecca that is devoted to a specific location and is the pinnacle pun intended) of information for that location.

Working as a team creates a powerful connection, not just as business owners, but as human beings.   When people are connected in helping each other succeed they build a referral network that succeeds both online and offline.

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