Marketing strategies will not resonate with you if they do not fit into your style. 

Businesswoman draws success flow chart on whiteboardYou know video, twitter and other platforms are great pieces to include in you marketing strategy.  But, if hopping on Facebook sucks like life out of you, you will not use it, at least not consistently.    If you don’t “get” twitter, you’re simply  not going to use it.

Introverts tend to find email, newsletters and blogging more satisfying.  Those marketing tools give the creator more time to put thought into the message.   Introverts get their energy internally.  Being an introvert doesn’t mean they don’t like people, it’s that being around people can be exhausting.  If you are an introvert, you probably enjoy doing things that require meticulous thought, like writing.  Your writing skills can be put to great use in pay per click ads on Facebook, Twitter or Google.  If you are analytically, you may enjoy SEO and keyword research for your web site.

Extroverts get their energy from being around people and tend to want to charge out and share their message.  The more extroverts use Facebook, twitter, video and other social networks, the more charged up they seem to get.  Social networks give you the opportunity to engage with your customer and share about your business.   In person speaking engagements work for you as long as the audience is reacting.  I have found that if I am with a really quiet audience, I get tired instead of revved up.

There is no right or wrong – working in a style that suits you is going to make you more effective.  Marketing is not supposed to be something you dread doing.  I can tell you that using video is going to be a huge boon to your business until I am blue in the face, but if you hate being in front of the camera, it will not work.  You may do it once or twice, but you won’t want to put effort into polishing it or be consistent with it.  AND THAT’S OK!  The trick is to find the tools that work for you or to work with someone you can outsource parts of your marketing to that you find cumbersome.

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