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melissa From: Melissa Ward RE: How to Market YOUR Book on Facebook

Dear Author,

Ask any writer what the toughest part of her job is, and she won’t say it’s the hours of research, weeks or months of writing, or even finding a publisher.

The truth is, the hardest part of writing a book comes after the book is finished, when it’s time to promote.

If you’ve written a book, you’re well aware of how hard it is to find an interested audience who is open and willing to give your book a chance, when there are hundreds or even thousands of others out there all competing for her limited time and attention.

In fact, it’s the thought of promoting the book that causes many would-be authors to give up on their dreams.

The 2-Edged Sword of Self Publishing

Time was, if you wrote a book you could rely on your publisher to put their weight and considerable resources behind your promotions. They’d send you on a book signing tour, line up talk show dates, schedule interviews, and put out press releases. All you had to do was show up – and get started on your next book, of course.

Today, though, traditional publishing has taken a hit. Many authors are choosing to self-publish due to traditional publishings long lead times, low (or non-existent) royalties, and fierce competition for a spot on the schedule. Really, unless your name is King or Rowling, your chances of landing a traditional publishing contract are nearly zero.

While the low cost of self-publishing means more doors are open for independent authors, it also means those authors must take on the additional role of publisist, and that’s a role many are simply unprepared for.

The Internet Offers Endless Promotional Opportunities

Everywhere you look online someone is promoting his or her latest website, book, movie, song, T-shirt, or craft project. In fact, it’s become so easy to create DIY promotions online that many new authors quickly become overwhelmed and simply don’t know where to begin.

Should you…

  • Create a YouTube video?
  • Open a new Twitter account?
  • Offer a free chapter on one of the file-sharing sites?
  • Make your book free on Kindle?
  • All of the above?
  • None of it?

The fact is, you could spend months of trial and error just trying to work out the best promotional tools for your book. And by then, the all-important first launch will be long past. The opportunity to build momentum gone.

A Step-by-Step Marketing Plan for Your Book

Here’s a secret few will admit: You don’t need to waste time trying to manage dozens of social media accounts or promotional strategies. Instead, concentrate your efforts where your readers are most likely to be: Facebook.

With billions of active users, Facebook is the one site virtually guaranteed to attract your target market – whatever your market might be.

  • Middle-aged women with teenagers.
  • Single dads.
  • Retirees.
  • Career women.
  • Home-schoolers.
  • Newlyweds.
  • Newly divorced.

They’re all on Facebook. And that’s where your new book should be, too. Everything else just adds more work for you with very little return.

How to Market and Promote Your Book Using Facebook

In this exclusive training and accompanying workbook, you’ll discover everything you need to know about promoting your next book using nothing more than Facebook. I’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up your page, building a buzz, harnessing the power of viral marketing, and targeting your ideal reader.

You’ll learn how to correctly promote a page to get it in front of more readers, and also how to avoid the all-too-common mistakes that could get your account banned.

Even better, the modules are logically designed to flow together easily, allowing you to master one technique before moving on to the next.

We’ll start with what to do before you even finish your book – this is the part most new authors ignore, but as you’ll see, it’s critical to your book’s success.

Module OneCreating a Pre-Launch Buzz and Building Your Identity

In this module, we’ll cover exactly what you need to do before your book hits the shelves to help ensure a wildly successful launch. You’ll learn…

  • 3 critical components of every book promotion plan – pay careful attention to each one, or your entire plan will crumble.
  • 6 powerful marketing tools you can use to generate a huge buzz around your launch.
  • 4 areas of your Amazon listing to pay special attention to – including one you probably never thought of.
  • The one question you must be able to answer about your Facebook page.
  • A hard look at some real Facebook author and book pages, so you can see what works for other authors – and what doesn’t.

Module Two: Using Calls to Action to Create a Pre-Launch Buzz

Now that you’ve got the basics set up, it’s time to get people talking. You want your audience to anticipate your book launch nearly as much as you do, so in this module we’ll cover…

  • How and why to create a book trailer – before you pass this one by thinking it’s only for big-name authors, check out the various types of trailers we recommend. They’re neither difficult nor expensive to produce.
  • How to give away a free chapter to help get people talking – including how to create a custom application tab on your Facebook page.
  • The art of the compelling call to action – how to get visitors to click, read, and buy.
  • One small trick to create an instant bond with your reader.
  • 2 things every sample chapter must have for instant success.
  • The Facebook page section most people forget – and how to make it work for you.

Module Three: Time to Launch

With all the preliminary work done, it’s finally time to launch your masterpiece. In this module, we’ll cover the steps you need to take to get your book of to the best start possible, including…

  • How to inexpensively promote your page to build your audience – it’s easy (and surprisingly cost effective) with targeted Facebook ads.
  • Why adding another administrator to your page could turn out to be a disaster – and how to ensure it doesn’t.
  • Where to look for help on the most common – and even uncommon – Facebook page functions.
  • An important update to Facebook’s algorithm that makes it more important than ever before to engage your readers and encourage interaction on your posts.
  • How to educate your fans so they see more of your posts.
  • How to use media to attract attention, encourage sharing, and build a larger audience.
  • 2 fun and interesting ideas for generating a buzz.
  • One tiny little tool that will help your posts be found and shared – and you can even use it on multiple social networks.

Module Four: Tracking and Follow Up

Finally, now that you’ve got people talking (and buying) it’s time to sit back and relax, right?

Not so fast.

In module four, we’ve still got a lot of ground to cover, such as…

  • An inside look at Facebook Insights – your key to learning more about your audience and what they truly want from you.
  • How to keep your launch momentum going with a 6-step strategy that’s easy to undertake.
  • Launch day mistakes to avoid – including one most authors never think of doing.
  • Why you should NOT create a Facebook group for your book – and two situations in which it makes sense.
  • 6 main differences between groups and pages – and how you can use those differences to your advantage.
  • How to create an event around your book to keep the talk lively even after launch.

As you can see, there’s a lot more to promoting your book on Facebook than just putting up a page and scheduling a few posts. But with “How to Market and Promote Your Book Using Facebook” I’ve clearly laid out all the steps needed to make your next book a roaring success.

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Never Before Has Promoting a Book Been Simpler

With the incredible reach of social media and the low cost of entry, promoting your book is easy and inexpensive, but it can still be an overwhelming project if you don’t know the steps to take. This guide takes you by the hand and shows you exactly what works – and what doesn’t – including screenshots.t. You’ll have just the answer you need, right where you need it, so your book launch will be as smooth as possible.

Best of all, this comprehensive course is backed by my…

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that this guide shows you just how to market your book on Facebook, simply return it within 30 days, and I’ll cheerfully refund your entire purchase price.

There’s absolutely no risk to you, so grab your copy of “How to Market and Promote Your Book on Facebook” today, and start planning your next book launch!


Remember, writing a book is the best way to show off your expertise, kick-start a speaking career, grab the attention of the media, and attract more customers. But if no one reads your book, it’s not going to work for you.

Don’t let the weeks or months you spent writing your book go to waste. Put the power of Facebook behind your launch, and enjoy the benefits of being a published author.

Melissa Ward

P.S. This 4-module training course is yours for only pre-launch price of $17, which is just a fraction of what you’d spend on a traditional marketing program, and it will get you the same results. But if you find “How to Market and Promote Your Book Using Facebook” doesn’t work for you, simply return it for a full refund.

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