I was reading Seth Godin’s blog today, and saw a reference to his book “The Dip”.  The  concept of the book is winners know when to quit.  It’s contrary to the “Winners never quit” mentality that’s embedded into our brain from society.

The reference came at a timely moment for me.

Take a listen to the opening pages.

I get involved in a lot of projects.  Some I get paid for and some I don’t.  Sometimes I get so excited about a new concept, I throw caution to the wind and end up investing time and effort into something that simply does not pan out.  I love the enthusiasm that goes with “new” , but I also love the sense of freedom that comes with quitting certain projects.   The dip speaks to taking that leap, and quitting that which does not work…. and quitting can make you a winner by allowing you to reserve time for what DOES work.

Do, what will you quit to bring you to success?

Want your own copy?


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