Relationships are like corporations.

The individuals involved must be committed to working towards the betterment of the entity that is created when they come together.  This is true for every relationship we create.  If only one individual is working to create a solid entity, it will fail.  Relationships require focus, effort and nurturing.  Whether the relationship is between you and customer, lovers, parent to child, business associates, or employees, they all deserve time and attention at varying levels.

You also need to prioritize them – and that priority will change from time to time.  There is a flow to relationships.  When a parent falls ill, they get more attention for that span of time.  When a client needs help, they will require a greater investment at that moment.

Relationships require commitment.  The level of commitment you give will directly result the level of fulfillment you receive from that relationship.

  • Ignore your clients – your sales will suffer
  • Ignore your Spouse/Partner – you will find yourself single
  • Ignore your kids – you’ll end up in a nursing home

Relationships are an entity that requires flow, prioritization and commitment.