Knowing Where You Stand – Measuring Social Media

//Knowing Where You Stand – Measuring Social Media

Knowing Where You Stand – Measuring Social Media

I see too many business owners posting and over posting in the social networks with giving any thought to what they are sharing and how it impacts their bottom line.  Doing a social media audit is one method of figuring out how to use your time efficiently.

To perform a social media audit, take a look at all of your profiles

  • Do you have the same branding?
  • Is all the about information filled in and accurate?
  • Is you web site link clearly visible?
  • If you have a special offer, does it stand out?

Next look at the numbers.  

when-onlineBy checking your Facebook page insights, you can see how many new likes you have, the demographics of those likes and the time of day your fans are online. The last metric helps you to get the most mileage out of a post.

Note how many fans you have and use the Pages to Watch feature to see how you are stacking up against the competition.

On Twitter:

  • Note how many retweets and favorites are you getting
  • How many followers have you gained in the last week
  • How many followers are you engaging with?

On Linked In:

  • How many people are interacting with your status updates?
  • How many new connection requests have you gotten in the last week? month?
  • Is your summary section up to snuff?  The summary should not be a reiteration of your prior experience.  Think present day forward.

From the above, what percentage of people are clicking on links and going back to your web site?

What percentage of site visitors are taking action?  Signing up for a newsletter, buying your product or service, picking up the phone.

It’s very important that you have a call to action on the page visitors are landing on from your social media efforts.  ONE call to action.  Too many options lead to confusion and no action.

Social Media engagement rates of 1% and above are considered good.  Conversion rates are about the same, so if you have 1000 page likes, that will equate to one sale.  If you have a highly targeted audience, that rate will be higher.

Bottom line is – you need to measure to see what is successful.   Don’t have time?  You can get yourself a Social Media Audit by clicking here.


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