I’ve always been a firm believer in the human spirit.  We hear stories about how one person over came extreme odds to succeed at some goal they set for themselves.

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Take Silken Laumann.   Silken was training for the 1992 Summer Olympics when she was in a serious accident that required 5 surgeries and over 3 weeks in the hospital.  Silken went right back to training when she was released from the hospital and earned a bronze medal in the sculls event.

That takes dedication and determination.

Here is a story of a couple from one of the wealthiest families in east asia, who sold everything to buy their way into America during the Vietnam War.  They started over.  They built from the ground up and they succeed.   There are countless stories of women who left abusive homes, overcame eating disorders and more, to lead full, enriched lives.  I personally know a woman who lost both of her legs during her service in Iraq, who today, has started a business, lived in different areas of the country and has built an amazing community on Facebook.

So what prevents some people from getting their willpower POWERED up?  Part of the issue stems from not believing in what you want.  Your husband, mother, sister, best friend can believe in you (or not for that matter) but if you don’t believe, then it won’t happen.   Our minds are incredible and mixed with true desire – we are unstoppable.   As trite as it sounds, the first step in that success is asking for it.  When you ask, ask with force.   A good friend and client Sharon Jeffers, explained it to me like this:

When a child asks for ice cream, they simply expect to get it and that’s that.  But when we ask for ice cream, we ask, then say, well ice cream is fattening, I really shouldn’t have ice cream.  It’s our own duality that makes it a weak ask.

The best of the best starts with the initial belief that it can be done. That belief combined with an unstoppable desire is the magic sauce.  From there, the right people will come into your life to help you out along the way.

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