Free Social Mobile Marketing Check List

Capturing the attention of mobile users is critical to your online marketing plan.  This free checklist will show you how to stay in front of your prospects and buyers.

melissaFacebook, Instagram, Youtube, Truela and other web sites are all being accessed by users from their smart phones to get information.  Information you have, but need to get in front of those users.

Look at the statistics

  • 75% of Americans bring their phones into the bathroom (admit it, you do it too)
  • 4 out 5 consumers use their smart phone to shop
  • According to Adknowledge, 70% of mobile searches result in immediate action
  • For the first time in internet history, mobile users have surpassed desktop users on Facebook.

The question is – can they find you on their phones?

Don’t invest anymore time or dollars until you download my free cheat sheet, and ensure you are getting the highest level of viability from your marketing efforts.

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