Dreams Require Faith and Action

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Dreams Require Faith and Action

Dreams do come true.  I know you’ve heard that before – but it’s true.  I’ve seen dreams come true.

My oldest daughter is 20 years old and for as long as I nz9can remember, she has been talking about visiting New Zealand.  When  The Lord of the Rings Trilogy came out, her vision intensified.

Nearly a decade later, she is now in New Zealand studying for the semester.

Not once did she deviate from the dream, not once did she consider the possibility of not going.  It was never a matter of if but when. The opportunity came up and she grabbed it.  She did everything in her power to make it work ~ and that included overcoming obstacles  and not taking no for an answer.

Do you have that unwavering faith in your dream?  Are you willing to do what it takes to reach it?  What’s getting in your way and how can you go around it?

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