Say FU to Fanpage and Follow Friday

2016-11-18T20:56:16+00:00By |Marketing, Social Media|

Stop it... Just stop it. Let the lemmings do the #FF and all that.  You're job is to provide something of meaning, something of real, lasting value that is going to help people know you, love you and understand you. Look, I get the temptation, I've tried it in the past too, that's how I [...]

How do you get more leads?

2016-11-18T20:56:16+00:00By |Business, Marketing|

(Photo credit: Lars Plougmann) When you have no new leads, then you have no new business.  Make sense, right? Believe it or not, you already have leads - you just haven't properly cultivated them.  Whether they are on an email list or business page or somewhere else within your reach, you have the ability [...]

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