Hula HoopOver the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a local women’s empowerment event.  By the time I left, I had gained some clarity about the goals I wanted to achieve and felt like I had better sense of direction to move forward in both my life and my business.

One of those goals is to get this blog started and as popular as the NewWard Blog.

The primary difference between the two blogs is that this one will contain more personal reflection, have a slightly difference voice then the corporate blog.  This will be about me, my journey, my clients, and the experiences we share while traveling along the information highway.  I also plan to include my progress on a few other goals I’ve set for myself:

  1. Learn to hula hoop well and make it a part of my daily regime.  I rediscovered hula hooping over the weekend, and I was just tickled pink to be able to play and be in my body.  My goal is to use hula hooping as an excuse to get up from my desk and move around, even if it’s for only 10 min at a time.  The best part is, a group of us from the weekend want to take on the same commitment, so I will have a community of people to help keep me motivated.  I already purchased my hula hoop, so I am almost ready to go!
  2. Participate in my first 30 day blog challenge.  This came across my radar on Facebook, and at the most perfect time!  Now I have the motivation to move this blog forward.
  3. Get rid of some body weight.  The hula hooping ties into this.  But I also want to be more conscious about what goes into my body. I plan on using my blender more often for raw food shakes and be very conscientious about what I buy at the market.  If it’s in the house, it will get consumed, so focusing on what gets through the front door will be my live of defense.

What goals have you created for yourself, and how do you hope to move forward with them?

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