I know this is going to sound like a cop out – but about this time of year, I go into a frenzie about what to buy the teenagers in my life for the holidays.  I know, it’s too early to think about – but they are a hard group to buy for.  No one likes to get clothes (and some of the styles are not something I’d buy anyway), perfume – no, makeup – no, toys – Lord,no…

This year I am going to stop flipping out about it and give them something they can use to get whatever they want… a gift card, well, an Amazon Gift Card!.

Here’s what I like – I can upload a photo of the person I am sending it to and put it right on the Amazon Gift Card.  Now, that’s cool.  They can’t lose it and if I buy four for the same family, they will know which card belongs to which kid.

Plus  Amazon Gift Cards can be used to purchase anything from music, to clothes, to books, to ebooks – etc.

It goes against my normal “buy local” mentality, but in looking through some of the stores on Amazon – some is actually local.  The past few years, I have been very focused on de-stressing the holidays.  So that’s what I am sticking to and not sweating it – this year its  Amazon Gift Cards.

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